Music Studio
Music Studio

Music Studio

Discover what it takes to be a musical superstar with daily sessions led by a professional mentor.
20 / 25 Lessons / week
(40 minutes each lesson)
Studios include four sessions per day split between language theory and practical sessions.
  • Ages:
    14-18 years
  • Travel Type:
    Group Travel
  • Lessons per day:
    4x40 min, USA: 5x40 min
  • Accomodation:
    Homestay, College Campus

You’ll refine your musical talents in a classroom and studio as you prepare for a final performance.

Project:Stage a live performance

Location:London Kingston, New York

EF Learning Guarantee
Garantía de aprendizaje de EF.
Avanzarás un nivel cada seis semanas si asistes a todas las clases y realizas todos los trabajos asignados. Nuestro método garantiza el máximo progreso, estudiarás gratuitamente hasta que lo logres.